i am more depressed than maybe ever and i have no friends

i am feeling whatever the opposite of okay is

the world is a big scary place and people have a lot of strong emotions about feet

i can’t believe the only options are to be stuck in a gross gigantic body or to die can you BELIEVE it?!?this is cRap

is it worse to buy a funeral dress in advance knowing odds are you’ll have to wear it at least once within the next year or to scramble around frantically looking for something black and modest enough to wear when you only have two or three days notice? are funeral clothes a wardrobe necessity people don’t mention?? are you supposed to periodically assess the possible funeral outfits you own in case your butt gets bigger or your legs get longer and you look skanky all of a sudden???? and can you wear the same thing to a wake and a funeral even though theres not really time to wash it in between????, HOW DO PEOPLE JUST EXIST AND KNOW HOW TO DO THINGS