traveling for a while
at Sierra De Ricote
at Valle De Ricote
at Sierra De Ricote
Look who tried to take a shower with me!!!! (He was safely transported to the garden after this photograph don’t worry)
with the little ones at the neighborhood pool ☺️☀️ (at La Alcayna)

Valldemosa, Spain  (by Alfonso Yus)

Mr. Berg Waves to the Sky
He raised his hand above his head.His hair was a surface of gray,his hand a semaphore.No one to answer, to call.His hand raised, and he wasn’t sure.The symmetry of his body broken,one arm up, one arm down.His name was still Berg.His hand had spoken,nevertheless, above him.
—Lavina Blossom. Art: Unknown, Sunset Sky.

no one here has ever tried peanut butter they’ve seen it in movies but no one eats peanut butter or has any desire to eat peanut butter what kind of place is this

I was so desperately lonely here but I made a friend today when I took the kids to the pool!! She is an au pair like me and she lives three houses away and she’s from Poland but her English is perfect. I’ve taken for granted being able to understand and be understood by almost everyone around me my entire life and now just being able to communicate with someone is a thrill.